Automatic Optical Inspection System for Textile Machines

The optical inspection system PROCAM 5310 makes the online monitoring possible for Warp knitting machines. The control is carried out directly on the machine using precision cameras. Advanced evaluation systems and a special image processing software detect virtually all textile faults exactly at the place they occur. As soon as a fault is detected the machine is stopped immediately before it may get expensive.

  • 0% rejects, 100% quality
  • Optical online fabric control for Warp knitting machines
01 PROCAM 5310
  • Fast reaction time

  • Monitoring

    From 130" to 240"


08 PROCAM 5310

Textile faults detected where they occur

  • Checks the fabric for faults in both length and crosswise direction as well as for dot-like faults
  • Optimum monitoring of the yarn sheet for thread breaks and tight ends
10 PROCAM 5310

Maximum productivity

  • Fast reaction time guarantees minimal fault lengths
  • Immediate and reliable machine stoppage directly at the fault position even at high machine speeds
06 PROCAM 5310

Reliable fault detection without rejects

  • Continuous monitoring of the full fabric width
  • Objective and reproducible detection of faults

04 PROCAM 5310


  • Monitoring of two and multi bar Warp knitting and Weft insertion machines
  • Monitoring of the fabric directly after it is formed by the needle bar
  • Extremely short fault lengths even with difficult to detect faults due to the permanent monitoring of the complete fabric width
  • Control of the weft threads on Weft insertion machines
  • Contact-free control of both yarn and produced fabric
  • The absence of moving parts minimizes the maintenance and serving requirements and leads to an economical production
09 PROCAM 5310

Easy handling

  • Minimal setting procedure during material changes avoids input errors and optimizes the preparation time
  • Easy operation using the customer’s laptop and WLAN adapter PROCAM

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