• Thread break detectors for Tricot, Raschel, Weft insertion, Weaving and Tufting machines, featuring the most up-to-date laser technology for the light barriers
  • Camera systems for monitoring fabrics on Tricot, Raschel and Weft insertion machines as well as carpets on Tufting machines
  • Laser light barriers for detection of thread breakages on Warping, Beaming and Sizing machines
  • Digital, camera-based thread counters for monitoring the yarn sheet on Warping, Beaming and Sizing machines
  • High-precision monitoring devices for thread control from slub detection to capillary break identification on Warping, Beaming, Sizing and Weaving machines
  • Measuring devices for continuous monitoring of individual thread tension on Warping and Beaming machines
  • Digital needle sensors for detection of broken and bent cylinder and dial needles on Circular knitting machines
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