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Formed in 1956, PROTECHNA has been part of the Belgian VANDEWIELE Group since 2011. As a leading supplier of high-quality thread and fabric control systems for use in many textile manufacturing processes, we have continuously expanded our product range for the textile processing and textile machinery construction industries over the years. Together with a global network of more than 60 sales partners, we offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of services and made-to-measure support.

Our Technical Department is responsible for the continuous improvement and enhancement of our high-tech products. Designing and developing individual solutions for the textile industry and working closely with leading textile machine producers creates a strong foundation for our innovative approach to business and the superior performance of our products.

Our quality assurance department uses in-depth controls to ensure that only first-class goods are shipped out to our customers. The resulting reliability and outstanding longevity of our products enjoy a well-earned reputation throughout our markets.

The quality of our work and the success of our company is measured by one all-important metric: customer satisfaction.

PROTECHNA Products 1

Our product portfolio covers the following:

  • Thread break detectors for Tricot, Raschel, Weft insertion, Weaving and Tufting machines, featuring the most up-to-date laser technology for the light barriers
  • Camera systems for monitoring fabrics on Tricot, Raschel and Weft insertion machines as well as carpets on Tufting machines
  • Laser light barriers for detection of thread breakages on Warping, Beaming and Sizing machines
  • Digital, camera-based thread counters for monitoring the yarn sheet on Warping, Beaming and Sizing machines
  • High-precision monitoring devices for thread control from slub detection to capillary break identification on Warping, Beaming, Sizing and Weaving machines
  • Measuring devices for continuous monitoring of individual thread tension on Warping and Beaming machines
  • Digital needle sensors for detection of broken and bent cylinder and dial needles on Circular knitting machines


  1. Founding

    PROTECHNA Herbst GmbH & Co. KG is founded by Guido Sturm, Wolfang Nietschke and Hans-Hermann Pridat.

    PROTECHNA Logo 1999
  2. Headquarters relocation

    The company headquarters are relocated from Düsseldorf to Ottobrunn near Munich.

    PROTECHNA Ottobrunn
  3. Change of ownership

    Klaus Wilhelmi becomes new owner of PROTECHNA.

  4. SCANNER 5090

    PROTECHNA presents the SCANNER 5090.

  5. CAMSCAN 5200

    PROTECHNA presents the CAMSCAN 5200.

  6. LASERSTOP 4080

    PROTECHNA presents the LASERSTOP 4080.

    Laserstop 4080 D Bild 3 Produktfoto 20050826
  7. WARPSTOP 3000

    PROTECHNA presents the WARPSTOP 3000.

    Warpstop 3000 D Bild 3 Produktfoto 20050826
  8. CAMSCAN 5201

    PROTECHNA presents the CAMSCAN 5201.

    Camscan 5201 D Bild 1 Produktfoto 20050826
  9. New Logo

    PROTECHNA changes the company logo.

  10. SCANNER 5390

    PROTECHNA presents the SCANNER 5390.

    Scanner 5390 D Bild 4 Produktfoto 20050826

    PROTECHNA becomes part of the Belgian VANDEWIELE Group.

    VANDEWIELE Company
  12. LASERSTOP 2 4180

    PROTECHNA presents the LASERSTOP 2 4180.

    LASERSTOP 4180 ermitter front
  13. Headquarters relocation

    The company headquarters are relocated from Ottobrunn to Neubiberg near Munich.

    Firmengebaeude Pro T Buero 133
  14. ARRAYCAM 5400

    PROTECHNA presents the inspection system ARRAYCAM 5400.

    02 ARRAYCAM 5420
  15. CAMSCAN 3 5203

    PROTECHNA presents the CAMSCAN 3 5203.

    07 CAMSCAN 5203
  16. TENSOSCAN 2 5374

    PROTECHNA presents the TENSOSCAN 2 5374.

    00 TENSOSCAN 5374
  17. COGASTOP CREEL 2 3210

    PROTECHNA presents the COGASTOP CREEL 2 3210.

    08 COGASTOP CREEL 3210