Thread Break Detector for Tricot and Raschel Machines

The laser light barrier system LASERSTOP 2 4180 sets a standard in reliability and safety in the field of thread break detection on Tricot and Raschel, on Weft insertion, Tufting, Weaving and Warping machines. The system is based on the most up-to-date laser technology for the light barriers and an evaluation incorporating the most recent digital signal processing for the control unit.

  • Stops the machine immediately in case of thread breakage
  • Light barriers using innovative laser technology
  • Covers a wide range of applications
LASERSTOP 4180 ermitter
  • Safe red light laser

    Class 1

  • Thread detection

    From 12 dtex up

  • Easy to operate


LASERSTOP 4180 high operational

High operational reliability

  • Computer-controlled signal processing
  • Automatic surveillance
  • Compact construction of the light barriers
  • Visible, safe red light laser (laser class 1)
LASERSTOP 4180 main-cover

Various application possibilities

  • Covers a wide range of applications and detects e.g. thread breakages in the warp sheet and the needle area, as well as at the weft insertion position and in the weaving shed
  • Automatic adjustment of the system to the machine speed
  • Connection of up to 8 light barriers
LASERSTOP 4180 laser beam

Reliable stopping of the machine

  • Thread detection from 12 dtex up
  • Constant sensitivity across the complete working width of the machine
  • Vibration insensitive receivers by an especially developed measuring principle
LASERSTOP 4180 control unit

Easy operation

  • 4.3-inch colour display to indicate the operating state of the light barriers
  • Setting the operating parameters is carried out directly on the control unit using a wear-resistant foil keyboard
  • Easy to operate menu control in different user languages
LASERSTOP 4180 blower system

Blower system (optional)

High-pressure blower and plastic tubes with a row of holes to direct the air towards the warp sheet

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Technical data
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Wide-range voltage input:115V-230V / 50Hz-60Hz
Stop contact:Potential-free relay contact
Operating modes:Standard / Duo / Synchro / Weft
LASERSTOP 4180 main-cover


LASERSTOP 4180 duo function 2


LASERSTOP 4180 weft function 2



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LASERSTOP 4180 ermitter