CAMSCAN 3 5203

Digital Counting of Threads

The CAMSCAN 3 5203 thread counting system is suitable for monitoring the yarn sheet on Warping, Beaming and Sizing machines. Depending on the width of the machine, the yarn sheet is monitored with 1 or 2 precision cameras, installed in a protective profile. The mounted LED lighting guarantees a uniform illumination of the yarn sheet. A continuous inspection for missing threads is thus ensured. The system stops the machine immediately in case of a thread breakage or an incorrect number of threads. In addition, the exact number of a missing thread in the yarn sheet is displayed.

  • For Warping, Beaming and Sizing machines
  • Continuous inspection for missing threads or an incorrect number of threads
  • Immediate machine stoppage and indication of exact number of missing thread
05 CAMSCAN 5203
  • Gauge

    Up to E46

  • Reaction time

    Average 50ms

  • Working widths

    Up to 84"

  • Monitorable titer

    From 11 dtex up


02 CAMSCAN 5203

Reliable stopping of the machine

  • Continuous monitoring over the entire visual range of the cameras
  • Fast detection of broken threads
  • Stoppage of the machine even in case of an incorrect number of threads
10 CAMSCAN 5203


  • Mounting frame with LED lighting
  • Modularly built camera system in working widths from 21“ to 84“
  • Additional indication of the exact number of a missing thread on a large-sized matrix display (optionally available)
  • Optional transmitted infrared light for the detection of missing threads when using black yarn, exchange of daylight camera filter for infrared filter in this case necessary
08 CAMSCAN 5203


  • Input of total number of threads into the control unit
  • Permanent comparison between the pre-set and the actual number of threads
  • Display of the exact number of a missing thread on the 4.3-inch colour screen of the control unit
03 CAMSCAN 5203

Easy operation

  • 4.3-inch colour screen to show the operating status of the monitoring system and the exact number of a missing thread
  • Input of operating parameters directly into the control unit using a wear-resistant foil keyboard
  • Easy-to-use menu control thanks to a self-explanatory user interface in different operator languages
  • Display of camera signal and state of adjustment of each camera

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