01 TUFTCAM 5310

Form - TUFTCAM 5320

TUFTCAM 5320 form

Customer Information


Machine Information

(10) Are all needles of one needle bar in-line?
(11) Thread run-in from front side (backing)?
(11b) Thread run-in from front side (backing). if yes, supplied from
(12a) Thread run-in from rear side (carpet)?
(12b) Thread run-in from front side (carpet). If yes, supplied from
(13) Jute-mover device?


(14) Loop pile carpet (Bouclé)
(15a) Sliding needle bar
(16) Staggered needle lines

(17) Velvet carpet (Cut-pile, Cut-loop)
(18a) Sliding needle bar
(19a) Monitoring for plucks / pluck lines / pull downs
(20) Cut-loop or Cut-cut with different pile heights

Yarn information

(21) Backing material:
(22) Yarn type
(23) Dyed yarn
(24) Multi-coloured backing material

Additional required monitoring devices / Integration of already existing monitoring devices

(25) Backing roll empty
(26) Piece length by using a stitch counter
(27) Tight yarn detector already existing?
(28) Drop wire yarn break detector already existing?
(29a) Yarn break detection using light barriers
(30a) Beam empty
(31) Stop of take-up when defect reached the repair position
(32) Other additional monitoring devices:
Devicenew or already existing?

Additional Information