05 PROCAM 5310

Form - PROCAM 5310

PROCAM 5310 Form

Customer Information


Machine Information

Machine type

Type of the produced fabric

TypeFabric sample with defect available?
You use wide-meshed or transparent fabric?
It is possible to place a cover panel over the entire machine width in the monitoring position?

Installation Information

Note: Please refer to the drawings Mounting situation A und Mounting situation B
Which mounting position for the camera traverse is correct? 
mounting position for the control unit


Important Note: For textile machines, which have a KAMCOS 1 operating system, it is necessary that the customer orders and installs a connection interface from the machine manufacturer prior to the ARRAYCAM installation, otherwise the ARRAYCAM cannot be put into operation. Unfortunately, this connection interface cannot be provided by PROTECHNA.


Do you need additional information about function and connection?
Should the necessary hardware be provided by Protechna?
Additional thread break control with light barriers required?

Further information

Is a PROCAM monitoring system on this type of machine already in operation in your company?
Does a Protechna Mobile Operating Unit already exist?
Are there any center supports installed in the monitoring area of the Procam?
If yes, please send in the following photos: a) The mounting positions of the traverse b) The monitoring area of the camera c) The fabric (with and without faults)

Additional information

Mounting situation

PROCAM 5310 mounting 1PROCAM 5310 mounting 2