Winding Device for Warp Knitting and Weaving Machines

  • Designed to pull off and wind up single or multiple yarn ends
  • Usable on Warp knitting machines, Weaving machines and other machinery
02 WINDER PR2000
  • Power consumption

    0.33 A

  • Safety classification

    IP 54

  • Measurements

    230 mm x 450 mm x 320 mm

  • Take-up bobbin

    Flange diameter: 220 mm / Distance between flanges:
    70 mm / Cone: 65 x 47 mm

Easy operation

The necessary motor torque can be adjusted precisely corresponding to the number and size of the yarn ends. The winding speed will set itself according to the pull-off speed of the yarn using the pre-set tractive force.

The maximum revolution speed is restricted to 240 rpm. If this revolution speed is exceeded, the motor will be switched off. When reducing speed, the set motor torque will be switched on again.

The yarn can be easily removed from the take-up by unscrewing the front flange and taking the yarn off the cone. The WINDER must not be turned off when the production machine is temporarily stopped, e.g. for repair of a defect.

Only if the machine is stopped for a longer period of time, for instance overnight, the WINDER should be switched off. An indicator lamp shows whether the device is switched on or off.

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02 WINDER PR2000